If Handheld Lamp Naribus is ordered the LED “lightbulb” is included. Handheld Lamp Naribus is designed for use in environments where a high quality is a standard, such as Shipyards, industries and construction sites. During development process input of our users is incorporated in the design. We can therefore guarantee high operational reliability.Handheld Lamp Naribus is stable and shock-proof and has a polycarbonate cap.

General Details
Plug CEE 42 Volt 2p
Light source LED "Bulb” 42V 7 Watt
Plug E27
Connected cable H07RNF 2 x 1 qm
Length of cable 10 meter
Cap material Polycarbonate
Material handle Rubber
Voltage 42 Volt AC/ 48 Volt AC
Max. power 60 Watt
Article no. 42 Volt 16103006
Article no. 48 Volt 16103006
Product name Handheld Lamp Naribus
Protection rating IP 54
Weight 0.5 Kg
Working environment -30ºC/50ºC
Length 250 mm
Width 100 mm
Spare Parts

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