Maxibel LED tube fixture Cardol is designed for use in environments where a high quality is a standard, such as Shipyards, industries and construction sites. During development process input of our users is incorporated in the design. We can therefore guarantee high operational reliability.Maxibel LED tube fixture Cardol is tested by various European institutes and laboratories with excellent results.To mount the fixture there are several options available such as, a magnet clamp or a hanger.The Maxibel LED tube fixture Cardol provides a prefect lighting in the workplace. To protect the polycarbonate tube against damage and contamination there is a protective milky film available to let the light look more inderect or a protective translucent film. This protective film is easy an quick to install without the use of any tools .It is possible to produce the end caps in your business-, or any other color.

SKU: 101023030
General Details

•General properties
Lifespan 50.000 hour
Colour temperature 4.000 k
Luminous flux 24V/42V/48V/110V: 3030 lumen 101 Lumen per Watt
115V /230V :3533 lumen  111 Lumen per Watt
Beam angle 125°
•Electrical properties
Power 30 Watt
Voltage 24V AC/42V AC/48V AC /110V DC/ 115V AC/230V AC
Plug CEE /Schuko
Working environment -30ºC/50ºC
Power Factor 0.99
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
• Product information article number
24 Volt AC 10102430
42 Volt AC 10104230
48 Volt AC 10104830
110 Volt DC 101011030
115 Volt AC 101011530
230 Volt AC 101023030
Product name LED tube fixture Cardol
Protection rate IP 65/IP44
Weight 1 Kg
Article no. Magnet Clamp 68286mag
Magnet force 140 N
Protective milky film 990000175
Diameter 110 mm
Length 700 mm

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Clamp with magnet

Clamp with magnet

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